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Artificial Intelligence and Fair Credit Decisioning: Federal Regulators Lean In

Guest Blog on AI and Fair Credit Decisioning by Melissa Richard with headshot
Discover how federal regulators are exploring AI and ML to expand credit access while increasing transparency in credit transactions and more.
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John Vong’s Corner: 3 Mortgage Risk and Compliance Trends in 2021

John Vong's Corner w/his headshot and 3 Mortgage Risk and Compliance Trends in 2021
The events of 2020 will have a big impact on the regulatory compliance landscape in 2021. Read the blog for 3 mortgage risk and compliance trends in 2021. The mortgage industry has had quite the year. And, in addition to trends I’ve been tracking for a while now, the events of this past year will likely have a big impact on the regulatory landscape in 2021.
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How Technology Is Transforming Compliance in the Residential Mortgage Industry

Residential Homes Depict the Residential Mortgage Industry in this Picture
SitusAMC interviews John Vong and Michael Jackman of ComplianceEase to discuss the ways technology is transforming compliance in the residential mortgage industry.
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