Karol Villavicencio

Karol Villavicencio is the Vice President of Client and Partner Success. In her role, Karol manages the complete user support experience including onboarding, product support, integration and examination support. She leverages her passion to help others plus her ten years of mortgage experience, to curate paths to success for clients, regulators, covered entities and integration partners, emphasizing quality customer service.

Karol caught the compliance bug when she some-what-naively volunteered to lead a lender’s simultaneous examinations. Though the experience left her with some great memories of late nights at the office, the paper-driven process inspired her to venture out into the mortgage technology field and become part of the solution of choice for the many organizations in the mortgage industry looking for a better solution.

Prior to joining ComplianceEase, Karol worked with a small lender, identifying technology partners and implementing company policies to address the many hurdles that emerging regulatory requirements posed. Karol holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Ithaca College.