Michael Jackman

Michael Jackman, a distinguished veteran in financial services technology, is the newly appointed CEO of ComplianceEase, bringing over 30 years of successful software management and advanced technology companies serving the financial services industry. Michael, a member of the ComplianceEase advisory board since 2004, is an industry visionary having played a key role the adoption of advanced technologies such as AI and RPA by mortgage lenders and settlement service providers. He was CEO of INTERLINQ software and guided the company through its sale to Harland (D+H) in 2002. Before INTERLINQ he was, President of the easyLENDER division at Fiserv. In 1997 Jackman was President of the Financial Services Division of HNC Software (Fair Isaac) and helped to take the company through its successful IPO. He was also CTO of Accredited Home Lenders and Director of Development for TRW Real Estate Loan Services.

Michael holds a BEE degree from CUNY and has been awarded the TRW Chairman’s Award for Innovation and the USCF Connect Award for Falcon, an AI based Fraud Detection Platform.