Pre-Exam Portal

Available free to all lenders, this industry utility provides
increased transparency when preparing for e-Exams

The Pre-Exam Portal (PEP), created by ComplianceEase® in association with the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), gives lenders increased peace of mind when preparing for e-Exams.

The PEP enables all lenders to:

  • Automatically generate LEF files via existing ComplianceEase technology partner integrations. 
  • Validate and process LEF files created by 3rd party platforms.
  • Perform mock reviews by analyzing compliance audit results using examiner criteria (subject to examiner approval).  
  • Submit loan data to examiners. 

The PEP reduces compliance personnel stress during preparation for e-Exams by allowing them to run mock exams using LEF data prior to submission to regulators.

What is an
LEF™ file?

In 2008, ComplianceEase, CSBS and AARMR collaborated to create the e-Exam loan-level data standard called the Lending Examination Format™ (LEF™). The LEF has been adopted by state and federal banking and mortgage regulators and continues to be developed and enhanced. Mortgage and banking technology vendors have adopted the LEF data standard in order to facilitate their customers' participation in the e-Exam process.

The Pre-Exam Portal streamlines preparation for Regulatory e-Exams
to give you peace of mind


Submit LOS loan data for automatic conversion to LEF


Use our compliance products to preview examiner results  


Submit LEF files for data validation and submission to examiners


Authorize release of loan data for submission to examiners

Benefits for Lenders

  • Confidence in the accuracy of data submitted to examiners

  • Reduced anxiety during e-Exams

  • Reduced workload and expenses associated with e-Exams

  • Increasing availablity of LEF support by LOS vendors

Benefits for Regulators

  • Consistently high quality LEF file submission

  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of examinations

  • Opportunity to focus on results not data collection

  • Reduced travel and other expenses