TRID Monitor™

The industry's most comprehensive TRID auditing solution 

TRID Monitor™ expands the industry’s leading mortgage compliance platform, ComplianceAnalyzer, to include the latest and most comprehensive disclosure testing to ensure that loans comply with the latest TRID rule and many other federal and state laws and regulations.

TRID Monitor Features

Unmatched TRID expertise

The TRID rule is very complex not only to originators but also to those who need to enforce it. TRID Monitor is the foundation of e-Exam processes.

Disclosure Timing

TRID Monitor tracks from the initial LE until the final CD and everything in between, ensuring lenders are in compliance.  

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Fee Tolerances

TRID Monitor accurately monitors each fee change during origination which helps prevent lenders from having to issue refunds due to disclosure issues.


Changed Circumstance

The reason for redisclosure (COC) is tied to each individual fee on the disclosure, TRID Monitor validates the COC.


Allowable Redisclosure Testing

Audits final closing documents, alerting lenders to closing table changes that create compliance issues and calculating refund and deadline for remediation.



TRID Monitor guides lenders and investors to make necessary refunds to remediate origination/closing issues identified by the audit.  

TRID Monitor Benefits

  • Reduces the risk of corrections, fines and buybacks

  • Saves time

  • Reduces errors

  • Increases loan quality

  • Ensures TRID compliance

  • Produces insightful, report with actionable recommendations


See for yourself just how thorough and easy it is to use TRID Monitor™