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Automated Compliance Solutions Developed for the entire mortgage ecosystem


Navigate a Complex Regulator Environment

Mortgage regulations are complex and continually changing—at the federal level, as well as in all states, districts and territories. Our team of legal and compliance experts continually meet with counsels and regulators in order to stay abreast of every federal, state and local mortgage regulation—so you don’t have to. 

We help streamline the origination process by leveraging automated compliance technology that not only performs comprehensive audits, but also helps lenders identify and correct errors before submitting data directly to regulators. We help you stay ahead of the curve.


Home lending is one of the most regulated industries, lenders originating digital mortgages with an advance compliance technology as a foundation to guard from initial disclosure to closing and even post-close stages. These advantages will set them apart from the crowd.


Capital Markets

Take Due Diligence Review to the Next Level

Due diligence and pre-purchase reviews are critical to the success of aggregators, investors and mortgage-backed securities issuers. Before you purchase a pool of loans, you must ensure there are no hidden assignee liability risks.  Enhance your reviews with our automated compliance technology which produces detailed reports and data to help you thoroughly review loans for any possible issues and take corrective measures before each transaction. Our tool can help you:

  • Verify that the lender fulfilled certain obligations at specific points during the manufacturing process without regulatory violations
  • Collect and review data to compare discrepancies
  • Avoid using repurchases as a mitigation tool
  • Minimize repurchase risk
  • Confirm all loans are in compliance
  • Meet specific investors’ and rating agencies’ compliance guidelines



ComplianceEase has been working with many banking and mortgage agencies throughout the federal and state systems since 2008 to automate the examination and enforcement services.

We have developed a complete ecosystem from lenders to examiners in order to improve the quality of loan data submitted and increase the quantity of loans being audited by enhancing the efficiency for all participating parties. Our efforts are in alignment with the regulatory agencies’ goals to modernize the loan examination process by improving industry and regulators experiences.  

more efficient examinations

With expanded availability of LEF files for electronic submission, regulators will realize the following benefits across a larger population of loans

  • Thorough analysis of consumer protection audits of entire loan portfolio
  • Reduced dependence on monotonous manual loan file reviews
  • Opportunity to move from random sampling to targeted selection
  • Allow field examiners to focus on other more important findings
  • Realize cost efficiency which is critical to successful examinations